Zev Siegl

Starbucks Co-Founder and Global Keynote Speaker

You Own a Business

Predict Your Sales and Profit.

You’re good at predicting sales. Profit is harder. And the balance sheet is really tough. An extra brain and a second set of eyes make a huge difference. You begin to feel confident. Zev provides the support you need. Your bank and your investors are impressed.

kuwaiti entrepreneurs

Zev at the Business School at Kuwait University.

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Find the Money

You need dollars. Maybe you can borrow. Investors are a possibility. But you want control of the company. Zev opens your eyes to things you’ve overlooked because you’re so busy running your business. He helps you identify the best way to fund your company. He’s an expert in small Regulation D/504 business consulting and financings under $250,000.

Business Planning

Let Zev help you:

  • Build your financial forecast
  • Develop your business plans
  • Plan for bank business loans or capital from friends and accredited angel investors.