Zev Siegl

Starbucks Co-Founder and Global Keynote Speaker

Zev Siegl motivates entrepreneurs and managers to make good decisions.

Intriguing stories about Starbucks’ successful start-up deliver practical insights that empower entrepreneurs to plan and forecast their own new SME.

With photos, video clips, words and humor, his keynote presentations re-energize entrepreneurs everywhere to sharpen their vision, find mentors, secure funding, market effectively, set up operations and build success.

Add Zev’s presentation Right From The Start to your conference program to attract the people you want and empower them to transform an idea into action that will improve your region’s economy.

View a short clip of one of Zev's recent presentations below.

Article, Zev Visits Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Zev Siegl's Resume


"Zev Siegl's presentation 'Right From The Start' connected really well with our audience of 150+ graduate and undergraduate students at LSE. His use of early Starbucks stories will help us anticipate the start-up hurdles we're going to encounter."

— Daniel Osrin, Event Coordinator, London School of Economics, www.lse.ac.uk/home.aspx