Zev Siegl

International Presenter

Zev Siegl is passionate about his mission to inspire and develop young entrepreneurs.  He brings practical insights regarding how to start-up a successful business as he shares stories about his experiences as co-founder of Starbucks and including his tenure as Starbucks' first employee and his stories about other companies that he has founded.  From setting a vision, identifying mentors and partners, securing funding, setting up operations, and product development and launch, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their way to becoming successful business owners.  Add him as a speaker/trainer to your next programme and your attendees will be sure to learn the strategies and methods to launching their new businesses.

View a short clip of one of Zev's recent presentations below.

Article, Zev in Cleveland

Zev Siegl's Resume


"Zev Siegl's presentation 'Right From The Start' connected really well with our audience of 150+ graduate and undergraduate students at LSE. His use of early Starbucks stories will help us anticipate the start-up hurdles we're going to encounter."

— Daniel Osrin, Event Coordinator, London School of Economics, www.lse.ac.uk/home.aspx